Fix script file permissions in git repos on Windows

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On a recent project I was using a Windows laptop for coding and committed my code to a remote git repo hosted in Atlassian BitBucket. As part of the project, I created some bash scripts which needed to run in a Linux Docker container through Bamboo, and I found that they wouldn’t execute due to not having execute permission set on the files.


Looking deeper into this, I found that whenever you create a file on Windows it always assigns read-write permissions by default to the owner of file, regardless of the type. This translates through to the file mode used by git when the files is committed.

To fix:

  • Navigate to the folder containing the script(s) for which permissions have to be changed
  • check the existing file mode by the using the following command:

git ls-files --stage 

You should see output like this. The 100644 shows the file mode:

100644 1dd895687b598e58c1d0e60b7985aab8957b9c8b 0

  • To change the file mode run:

git update-index --chmod=+x 'name-of-shell-script'

  • check the file mode again by running:

 git ls-files --stage

  • The file mode should now have changed to  100755
  • You can now commit the file(s) back to the git repository and they will be executable in Linux.
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