Gamifying Web Application Security with Secure Code Warrior

One of the hardest challenges for modern applications is keeping them secure against all kinds of threats from all sorts of people with different motives from stealing your data to rubbishing your reputation. Of course a huge part of this is securing physical infrastructure and data sources using firewalls, encryption, strong passwords and so on. But equally important is writing the application code in as secure a way as possible.

Oh! The good old days.

Back in the day, when I started developing for the web this meant simply getting hold of a copy of the legendary “Writing Secure Code” by Michael Howard & David LeBlanc and following the guidance given. Those were simpler times (sigh)! These days it’s a much more complicated field, and one that I feel isn’t really addressed very well when teaching new developers how to code.

Enter Secure Code Warrior…

This is where Secure Code Warrior comes in.

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